Jamie Herrmann Violins

Violinmaking, Repair, Restoration

Jamie Herrmann is a professional violinmaker and restorer. His primary focus is the making of fine violins and violas based on his first hand knowledge of historic Italian instruments. He also has a passion for fine setup and adjustment work, and enjoys the detective work required to bring out the best in every instrument he makes or works on. Jamie received his training through a professional apprenticeship in violin making and restoration with award-winning violin maker Christopher Germain. He then worked for Frederick W. Oster Fine Violins in Philadelphia, where he became the manager of the restoration workshop. This allowed him to come into contact with some of the best players in the United States, as well as excellent examples of early Italian violinmakers' work on a weekly basis. You can expect the kind of craftsmanship and attention to detail that you would find in the best shops in New York, Boston, or Chicago, but in a laid back atmosphere that any fiddler would feel comfortable walking into. It is a daily goal of Jamie's to raise the standards of his profession and to do work comparable to the best examples of violin craftsmanship. A particular interest is fine set-up and sound adjustment work for serious players, who count on their instruments to perform efficiently and problem free for long hours of practice and demanding performance schedules. It is often found that players' instruments are far from being optimized, either tonally or in terms of physical playability, and they are frequently surprised by how much more their instruments are capable of. The small independent violinmaker's shop is the ideal environment for this kind of conversation between player, instrument and maker. 

 Jamie Herrmann has worked extensively with many members of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Opera Orchestra, and faculty, students, and graduates of the Curtis Institute of Music, as well as the Juilliard School. Clients include The Dover Quartet, Ray Chen, Noah Geller (Concertmaster of the Kansas City Symphony), Anna Marie Petersen, and many others. Having recently moved to Oregon with his wife (a native of Portland), he is happy to be forming new relationships with players from Portland and Seattle, such as those with Assistant Concertmaster Erin Furbee, Principle Second Violinist Chien Tan and other talented players of the Oregon Symphony. 


"...Jamie Herrmann is an exceptional instrument maker and repairman-he's made bridges for our instruments and helped with setup on numerous occasions. In addition to being amongst the best in the business, these two are incredibly down to earth, warm people and a joy to work with. If you're ever in Portland go to see them..." 

The Dover Quartet- from review of Herrmann and Mitas on iString 



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